Nutrigenomics and Medical Genealogy

Dr. Michael believes that knowing our “inside” and “outside” stories can help shape our current and future health journey. 
“Inside” stories refer to the stories and secrets stored within our DNA. Through in-depth genomic testing and DNA analysis, we can gain insights into why our health is what it is and how we can optimize it, customized to our unique genome.
“Outside” stories are those stories within our personal and family experiences that can influence our health. These are stories from our ancestors and family members, passed down through generations. Stories of wealth and poverty, health and sickness, adventure and growth, and more, when internalized, can increase our resilience and clarify our life’s path and journey, especially in reg to our health.
Dr. Michael is eager to help individuals better understand the “inside” and “outside” stories in their lives and offers two main services in doing so.

For more about inside and outside stories, refer to Driessnack M. “Who Are You From?”: The Importance of Family Stories. Journal of Family Nursing. 2017;23(4):434-449. doi:10.1177/1074840717735510

Medical Genealogy Report
Uncovering patterns of your family history
Working alongside you, Dr. Michael will act as an investigator and a guide in seeking to understand the medical stories within your family tree. Building on the information you already have and know about your family tree, Dr. Michael will conduct in-depth genealogical research to understand health experiences your ancestors faced (such as sicknesses and pandemics), cause of death, environmental exposures, diet, lifestyle, and more. Dr. Michael will access premier genealogical databases for sources documents about your family members.
This information will help with prevention. empowering individuals to be able to control their own health trajectory, regardless of what their ancestors and family members experience(d). 
What you get:
Digital and printed report containing:
  • Genograms (genetic pedigree charts)
  • Images of source documents and annotations
  • Health history profiles completed for each family member in the report
Cost: $1199
*Available to clients in the United States and Canada. Being an established patient is not required. Medical genealogy services does not initiate a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Michael unless one is already establsihed.

Nutrigenomics Report
Unlocking the stories in your genome

Consumer genetic testing only provides specific information about who we are and where we came from. Provided by companies like, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and others, this testing may offer interesting insights into our physical characteristics, but not actionable steps to take in improving our health.

This service does not include any genetic testing but is a post-secondary analysis of information from testing already taken. With the raw genetic data from your test, Dr. Michael will analyze it further, looking specifically to understand your alleles and genes for enzymes and proteins that directly influence health in many ways. 

What you get:
A report including:
  • Information about your specific alleles for important gen
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
Cost: $599

*Available only to established patients at Focused Family Integrative Medicine due to the nature of the information being managed.

Combined Nutrigenomics and Medical Genealogy Reports
Synthesizing inside and outside stories
Understanding both "inside" genome secrets and the "outside" health stories within family and personal histories can lead to a more comprehensive overview of one's health. This knowledge empowers individuals to make positive changes to their health and lifestyle, leading to years and, hopefully, decades of wellness yet to come.

What you'll get:
  • Medical Genealogy Report
  • Nutrigenomics Report
Cost: $1599  (save $200 with the combined offer!)

*Available only to established patients at Focused Family Integrative Medicine due to the nature of the information being managed.

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