Direct Naturopathic Primary Care

Each year, millions of Americans experience challenges with the healthcare system, including:

  • Increasing costs of health insurance
  • Services they need not covered
  • Prior authorizations take up time
  • Copays and deductibles are still high
  • Rushed healthcare appointments
  • Treatments feel like a bandage instead of addressing the root cause
We believe that there is a better way.

Dr. Michael Smith, NMD and Focused Family Integrative Medicine are excited to offer Focused Care, a direct naturopathic primary care membership plan. This shifts the conversation from insurance and money to the patient and what they really need, all for an affordable low cost.

After paying a one-time $75 or less enrollment fee, Focused Care members pay a monthly membership fee as low as $50 for children and $100 for adults. In turn, Dr. Michael provides unlimited,* robust, quality care to the patient, including those after-hour times when the only alternative is the urgent care or emergency room. Through Focused Care, Dr. Michael can be that old-school, family doctor that you or your family needs, whenever you need it, wherever you need it, including in your home.
Dr. Michael is among the first naturopathic physicians in Idaho to offer this opportunity to patients. Through Focused Care, Dr. Michael is not burdened by the pressures of finances or limitations on time and can truly focus on you, your family, and your health. Spots are limited in the Focused Care plans to ensure that you receive quality personalized care from Dr. Michael.

Dr. Michael continues to offer pay-per-visit options for appointments outside of the Focused Care plans. A detailed description of individual appointment types can be found here.
*Based on plan
Benefits and Services

  • Unrestricted clinic visits, emails, texts, and phone calls
  • Preventative exams, including screening exams, wellness exams, well-child visits, and sports physicals
  • Acute care (acute illness, infections, injury, etc.)
  • Chronic care (diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Referral and Prescription Management
  • Lab and Imaging Evaluations

  • Same day or next-day appointments
  • Manual (hands-on) therapies
  • Select minor office procedures at the cost of materials used 
  • Extended, relaxed visits
  • Discounted lab testing
  • Discounted home visits
  • Discounted medicinary items (herbal supplements, nutraceuticals)
  • Discounted additional services

  • No deductibles. 
  • No copays. 
  • No co-insurance. 
  • No hidden fees.
  • No prior authorizations determining care
  • No headache
  • Less stress
  • Better relationship with your doctor
  • Ability to treat the whole family

Focused Care Plans
Focused Care Basic
Focused Care Plus
Focused Care Premium
New Patient Visit 
(75-90 minutes; required for all patients)
50% discount
Complete Follow-up Visit 
(45 minutes)
Up to 1 visit every 2 months
(6 visits included per 12 months)
Up to 2 visits every month
(24 visits included per 12 months)
Acute Care Visit (30 minutes)
3 visits included per 12 months
12 visits included per 12 months
Additional Follow-Up Appointments
25% discount 
50% discount
Home Visits
Travel fees extra
Local area included. Extended area extra
Local and Extended area included
Regular Scheduling 
Priority Scheduling
Priority Scheduling
Doctor Messaging and Calls 
(<15 minutes)
Limited to business hours
Extended hours via phone and text
Extended hours via phone and text
Emergency In-Person Visits
Limited to business hours
Limited to business hours 
After-hour home visits available
Basic Annual Wellness or Screening Labs
Wholesale cost or insurance
Wholesale cost or insurance
Supplements Through Fullscript
10% off
20% off
Homeopathic Remedies
20% off
6 remedies included, 20% off others
Medical Genealogy Report
À la carte pricing
À la carte pricing
Nutrigenomics Analysis and Report
À la carte pricing
À la carte pricing
Invest in your health today!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Yes. All members are encouraged to hold onto a high-deductible plan to help cover emergency costs and healthcare needs beyond that which Dr. Michael is able to provide. Think about it like your auto insurance policy. You only use your auto insurance in the case of an accident or major breakdown. For routine oil changes and maintenance, you pay for it out of pocket. The same is true with the need for an insurance policy in addition to the Focused Care plan which covers routine needs.
Sign up for Focused Care today!

1. Sign up for a New Patient Visit on the Book an Appointment page. 
Indicate "Focused Care" in your appointment reason

2. Complete New Patient paperwork that will be sent to you.
This will include forms specific for Focused Care.

3. Attend your visit with Dr. Michael and start receiving Focused Care.

Still have questions?
Contact us or schedule a free 15-minute discovery call or in-person consult with Dr. Michael.

Monday-Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Patient appointments on select days

Clinic Address (on select days):
1547 S Midway Ave Suite B, Ammon, ID 83406

Phone: 208-252-5188
Fax: 844-556-5990


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